Details of the firmament

Himalayan Salt

cantelope tonight

40° 44’ 24’’ N, 9° 27’ 36’’ W (40.74°, -9.40°)



Destiny under god

Collaboration with Stefan Obusan

    After me, 2021. The series depicts an astronaut seen in a cityscape, documenting details with their camera. The suit and camera, handmade by Hauck, are disheveled and unkempt,  absurd in their nature but presented matter-of-factly. Two photos are taken simultaneously and represent two separate ideas but  which are ultimately tied to one another by location; one image is a washed out understanding, the other is a partial description  to the context of that understanding. The spacesuit is a representation of a self-imposed outsider, a figure who explores on  behalf of a group. In science fiction, astronauts act as colonizers in their adventures by expanding humanity’s empire. The  astronaut’s motivation is to observe and claim, much like explorers of the past. In this work, among other ideas, thoughts of  home, ownership, and the ends of empires come to mind.