the asinine things we’ve done, 2020

Image, behaviour, oblivious, obvious, understated originality vs unoriginality, hackneyed truth, water is wet, thesaurus, pedantic, “Being a liquid, water is not itself wet, but can make other solid materials wet.” Conceit, cold one, fuck you, doubt, pride in that one thing five years ago, jealousy because they are getting it now, there is time, tomorrow, not sure if obscure or just ignorant, entire argument built off assumption, “I just feel…” the status quo isn’t wrong, antiestablishment rhetoric is fashion and so is your personality, wear plain clothing with no logos to to prove you have no vanity, what does a hard reset of society look like? paradox, I’m not wrong they are, I’m probably very wrong, one more couldn’t hurt, I only use big words to sound smart, virtue signal, smoke signal, buzzword, respect authority, ignore the law, patronize those who are less cultured, never show weakness, agree to disagree, have never lied only never revealed the truth, only read the headline, never go out.
the asinine things we’ve done